Monday, June 22, 2009

Surprise #2

It's hard to successfully pull off a surprise when the person you are trying to surprise is constantly around. He left this afternoon, so luckily, I had just enough time to get what I needed and run to the Post Office tonight. So as I stated before, Carl's birthday is this week, and he's traveling, so I can't be with him. I already surprised him once with breakfast in bed, and I took the day off since he was working from home. But he was definitely disappointed that I didn't have his present ready for him on Sunday when we celebrated with his family, since he wouldn't be home for his actual birthday. Well, I couldn't let him go his whole birthday without opening a present could I? I tried my hardest to get down to Atlanta this week, but it just didn't line up. So instead I sent him some things to help the loneliness.

So what's in this pretty bunch of packages? 1. is a webcam- he travels almost every week, so I decided it's time we finally invested in these bad boys. I sent him one, and kept the other here. 2. A nice padfolio, since he always steals mine for work! 3. Animal crackers...because well, who doesn't love animal crackers?

He'll get the rest of his presents on Friday...but these were light enough to ship. So I rushed to the PO and sent them in the 2 day mail, care of the hotel where he is staying (I already called ahead to let them know it would be coming). Fingers crossed it doesn't get lost! Keeping a happy home to me includes a happy birthday!!

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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY webcams!!! :)


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