Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Express Happy House Challenge Plus Week 4

Can you believe we are already at week 4? It might not sound like a lot, but out of only 5 weeks of tasks, we are almost at the end. That being said, take a look around. How are things looking in your house? Are you feeling like you are enjoying a cleaner, tidier home? I hope the answer is yes! As always, let's first take a look at my results.

Make the Bed: 7/7
Empty the Sink: 7/7
Sweep the Kitchen Floor: 6/7
Clear the Clutter: 6/7
Sort the Mail: 7/7 (I'm back to doing 7 instead of 6. I get the newspaper on Sunday so I have to sort the coupons and circulars)
Spray the Shower: 7/7

While our game night party had me too pooped to clear the clutter, it surprisingly didn't knock me down on emptying the sink. That is one habit I just will not allow myself to break. It's better than smoking, right?

Challenge PLUS
Week 3: Bathrooms
  • Deep clean shower/bath
  • Deep clean floor and baseboards
  • Clean all mirrors and glass
  • Clean light fixtures I just realized I forgot the guest bathroom fixture, I'll get that this week!
  • Scrub toilets including the base
  • Clean cupboard interiors/exteriors- discard unnecessary items
  • Clean counters and all items on counters
Between hosting on Saturday and tackling 3 bathrooms, I'm spent! And I hate to disappoint you all, but there are no before photos. Just know these are bathrooms, and so they were dirty :)

How did you do this week? Link up and/or tell me in the comments! I would love to see a bunch of 7/7s but the effort is what's key! So if you aren't boasting a perfect score, don't worry about it. You'll get there!

Now, time for new tasks this week. I'm a list freak. Love em. I think the reward of crossing off a to do just makes chores that much more fun.

Write It Down!

Tailor this one to suit YOUR needs. And it could change daily. But either in the evening, or first thing in the morning- give yourself a short to do list. What is the top one, two or three things you need to accomplish that day? Put it on paper, I promise you will feel accountable! By the way...have you liked My Happy House on Facebook yet? Now would be a great time to do it :)

Organize Your Outerwear!

It's simple. Have a home for your coat, purse, diaper bag, shoes, etc. Anything you take with you out of the house should have a place inside the house. This is an especially important task if you have little ones. Make sure they have a place for their things and you won't be tripping over them when they are home! So simple as that- put away your outerwear! Most people leave the house on a daily basis, so that's why this is a daily task. If you don't, it's a freebie and you can use that time to work extra hard on another task!

Challenge PLUS
Week 4: Bedrooms (Start from the top and work your way down)
  • Clean all light fixtures/fans
  • Strip all bedding and clean
  • Dust all furniture
  • Organize closets (Give yourself a donation goal and get rid of some unused items!)
  • Organize drawers
  • Clean mirrors and windows
  • Vacuum and/or clean floors

So two quick housekeeping items before we're done. First let's recap all our daily tasks and our plus items.

Week 1: Make the Bed & Empty the Sink+ The Kitchen!
Week 2: Sweep the Kitchen Floor & Clear the Clutter +The Dining Spaces!
Week 3: Sort the Mail & Spray Your Shower + The Bathrooms!
Week 4: Write It Down & Organize Your Outerwear!

But now it's your turn! Share your blog post link below with your results and your before and after photos! Don't have a blog? Tell us your results in the comments and if you have before and after photos, post them to the My Happy House Facebook Page! Can't wait to see how you all did.

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  1. I have to apologize! I'm a complete FAIL during this challenge go-round. I won't give you the run-down on why, but let's just say, it's taking all I can give to make it through the week without pulling out my hair.


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